Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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The art of procrastination: Getting it done is the final outcome but it's the rush and the excitement that makes it taste so much sweeter (or saltier if you're not into sweets). I like procrastinating more than I like accomplishing. It's the only wild thing I do. This pint of beer is "too full" I think, that will change like most things do. Ah, looking forward to my album review of the year I already sort of know how it will pan out...Shrinebuilder or Converge will probably win because they are as badass as, um, well...Bill Shatner going on a fishing trip! Ha!
I had a weird last night I saw slayer at the top floor of a building, very enjoyable but I had this weird fire-hazzardly feeling the whole time. I don't take anyone seriously except myself and Neil Fallon.
Everybody is so damn cool here. Great hair cuts!
Useless flirting! Get to the point. Fucking it's called..ick, love, drives me crazy...being alone is way more fun.
What do I want to do with my life?
Maybe I'll work at a hotel, yes...
Maybe I'll start a Saint Vitus cover band.
Maybe I'll eat a bunch of acid and drift...
or maybe I'll get married, have kids and then have grandkids...don't forget about my "rewarding career".
Ah talking about the "possibilities". The truth of the future is that the "possibilities" usually turn into made up glory stories spoken to strangers after seven beers later in a dark, grimey bar.
Just got a pint "On me" says buddy...What a peach knows the way to a womans heart.

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