Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Journal Entry- October-ish

Oh, how reading a book from yesteryear compells me not only to write but document what is going on around me. Time slips away so quickly. I don't mind because we are always going through change whether we like it or not. I'm sitting at a silly coffee shop called Starbucks right now where the sizes range from "vente" to "grande" and what not, I asked for a large and ended up with way to much coffee that will either keep me up until dawn or give me a splitting headache until dawn. On the wall is a ridiculous painting of a golden retriever with a red backdrop. I wonder if this dog belonged to someone or if maybe it was just a fictional pet someone longed for all their life. Sitting around are just people like myself; who decided to spend the evening reading or writing or maybe just staring at the pages thinking about a different time or futuristic plans. Nobody here is on a date, maybe waiting for a date or thinking about a date. Lots of my days get filled with sleep which is great and safe...but the danger and excitement of being alone sure tops it.
I think a girl just walked in who is waiting to meet a date, I think she met him online because she keeps looking around for someone she isn't quite sure looks like. I can't help but want to wait around to see how it goes. The two girls who I overheard talking about flip flops are gone for they ran out of things to talk about. I hope she isnt getting stood up, it would ruin her taste in coffee and men as well. I wonder how long someone took deciding on the lighting in here.

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