Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Recent entry

The art of procrastination: Getting it done is the final outcome but it's the rush and the excitement that makes it taste so much sweeter (or saltier if you're not into sweets). I like procrastinating more than I like accomplishing. It's the only wild thing I do. This pint of beer is "too full" I think, that will change like most things do. Ah, looking forward to my album review of the year I already sort of know how it will pan out...Shrinebuilder or Converge will probably win because they are as badass as, um, well...Bill Shatner going on a fishing trip! Ha!
I had a weird last night I saw slayer at the top floor of a building, very enjoyable but I had this weird fire-hazzardly feeling the whole time. I don't take anyone seriously except myself and Neil Fallon.
Everybody is so damn cool here. Great hair cuts!
Useless flirting! Get to the point. Fucking it's called..ick, love, drives me crazy...being alone is way more fun.
What do I want to do with my life?
Maybe I'll work at a hotel, yes...
Maybe I'll start a Saint Vitus cover band.
Maybe I'll eat a bunch of acid and drift...
or maybe I'll get married, have kids and then have grandkids...don't forget about my "rewarding career".
Ah talking about the "possibilities". The truth of the future is that the "possibilities" usually turn into made up glory stories spoken to strangers after seven beers later in a dark, grimey bar.
Just got a pint "On me" says buddy...What a peach knows the way to a womans heart.

Baroness-Blue Album

Love it, love it, love it, love it!

We met a couple of the dudes, walkin' down the street after they played a wicked set opening for my favourite Clutch in July...I usually don't care much for pictures like this but, hey a little nostalgia never hurt anybody (or has it?)


Another Journal Entry- October-ish

Oh, how reading a book from yesteryear compells me not only to write but document what is going on around me. Time slips away so quickly. I don't mind because we are always going through change whether we like it or not. I'm sitting at a silly coffee shop called Starbucks right now where the sizes range from "vente" to "grande" and what not, I asked for a large and ended up with way to much coffee that will either keep me up until dawn or give me a splitting headache until dawn. On the wall is a ridiculous painting of a golden retriever with a red backdrop. I wonder if this dog belonged to someone or if maybe it was just a fictional pet someone longed for all their life. Sitting around are just people like myself; who decided to spend the evening reading or writing or maybe just staring at the pages thinking about a different time or futuristic plans. Nobody here is on a date, maybe waiting for a date or thinking about a date. Lots of my days get filled with sleep which is great and safe...but the danger and excitement of being alone sure tops it.
I think a girl just walked in who is waiting to meet a date, I think she met him online because she keeps looking around for someone she isn't quite sure looks like. I can't help but want to wait around to see how it goes. The two girls who I overheard talking about flip flops are gone for they ran out of things to talk about. I hope she isnt getting stood up, it would ruin her taste in coffee and men as well. I wonder how long someone took deciding on the lighting in here.

Super groups

Everybody loves a great musical super group! Or at least I do...I find them to be so exciting. I imagine most of you have hard-ons for "Them Crooked Vultures" (Grohl, Hoome, JPJ). So do I, it's badass.

My favourite supergroup? Easy! Cream! Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton...genious! Disraeli Gears is probably one of the best albums of all time...

Anyways, not sure where I'm going with this except to show my love for the supergroup as short lived as some of them may be!

Right now, check out Shrinebuilder I cannot stress it enough...
God damn, we're talking Wino, Scott from Neurosis, Dale from the Melvins and Al from Sleep and Om

keepin' a record of the day to day

So, Bloggin'...I didn't really see this coming. I write, but usually in a tattered notebook that is filled with scribles, quotes and sometimes phone numbers I will never call. I have felt the urge though to publish my thoughts and online is where most people spend time...Online or on on edge...

So I've been keeping a record of things, thoughts, observations and ideas for a few years and it's about time to see it in black and white on a computer screen.

This notebook entry was written late September...I was feeling awfully reclusive from the looks of it.


Is a girl unallowed to have a beer by herself? "No, I am not expecting anyone". I'd love to hear some music right now but the thoughts in my head is background noise enough. Plus the music inside this place is not really want I find pleasing to the ears. Apparently, Kings of Leon played in London on Saturday...sounds like they are getting pretty successful...big like the jonas brothers or kiss. Big fuckin' deal...The music industy is a topic in itself though, for a later day to discuss. I bitch and moan but I'm just as bad as the lot of them. Here I am on the patio of the outback shack drinking a beer, smoking ciggerettes by myself writing in a noteback that will never get read. People inside look like they are having fun or whatever they call it. I had fun once. The sports game is on and is a great way to deal with akward silence when these people have nothing left to say, for they have already discuessed teachers, classmates and oh the weather too. I've been wearing thse shoes on my feet for about four years, maybe more...Off and on of course because I am Canadian and we take our shoes off at the door. Not like those assholes from Full House or 7th Heaven. Ah, it's 3:25 and I need to put on a peppy attitude in uh, 35 minutes time for another beer and another couple smokes, I reckon. Or a I could do a whiskey drink. Something.