Monday, December 7, 2009

Some of my favourite albums!
Robin Trower- Bridge of Sighs

I thank my Dad for gettin' me into this amazing music. I'm not a big 'Opeth' fan but they cover the titled track in their 2008 album as a bonus track. I've seen video footage of Down opening up with "bridge of sighs" into there first song. "Too Rolling Stoned" could be anybody with starry eyes theme song. My pops said they used to call Trower the "White Jimmy Hendrix"..I believe it. Props to James Dewar's haunting vocals and amazing bass playing. Trower Power!

Saint Vitus- Born too Late


Saint Vitus, slows down metal in a way that nobody else can. Born Too Late feels like a blink of an eye and eternity at the same time. This album has been the background to lonely nights or thirsty mornings. This album hurts to listen to. Wino's first album w/ Vitus. The album itself is timeless, issues and feelings that human's relate too from the beginning of time til present day. Absolutely the most humble and real album . The recording is not too produced which I appreciate, raw. DOOM OR BE DOOMED!!

Sleep's Holy Moutain
Ah, favourite Sleep album ever! Dragonaut reminds me of a jack in the box just turning the crank, turnign the crank then POP! surprises me every god damn time. The whole album is just so clever. Al's vocal's booming at just the right moment. It deserves a place in my absolute favourite albums, I remember when I first got my hands on it was like Christmas day. Aquarian is another of my favourites on the album, droned out and smoke filled. I BELIVE THE SIGNS OF THE REPTILE MASTER!
Pantera- Far Beyond Driven
I just get it. I just love it. FBD is my favourite Pantera album, easily. One of the most memorable metal songs ever written (I'm Broken) is on it with or without that being said...Far Beyond Driven rips! Find it to be the grooviest Pantera album. For some reason I find Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills to be one of the sexiest songs around. I would hate to leave out that they do cover Black Sabbath's Planet Caravan...which is a combo that would make any girl blush. This is truly when Pantera were BECOMING...GOD SIZE!
EYEHATEGOD- Take as needed for pain
If I'm in a situation with no music I can close my eyes and listen to this album front to back. EHG is the ultimate jam band with influences like Black Sabbath, whiskey, prostitutes,dark alleys and oblivion. Who gave her the roses is one of my favourite songs ever and would make love to it nightly if it wasn't just about two minutes long. KILL YOUR BOSS!

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